Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Art of Living

Sometimes a chance comes that you can't deny ~ that denies belief, even. When I saw that Julia Cameron, the "high priestess of creativity" and author of the Artist's Way was going to be at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC, there was no way I could miss such a chance.

It has been an immersive experience, not only of writing, but of learning how to breathe, how to stretch, how to meditate, how to eat, how to expand. I came seeking clarity of purpose and heart, and it has been a firm beginning. From the first fast-paced session in the dark of 7:30 on a windswept mountaintop, we have opened our hearts and minds to strangers we can now call believing mirrors. 

Julia has fit most of the 12 weeks of the Artist's Way into three days, the effect is powerful. The fog that was pervasive the day we arrived has cleared and left stunning new vistas all around.


  1. What an experience that must have been. I can just imagine all the knowledge, guidance and strength you gained and all in the midst of beautiful mountains. I wish I had been there.