Saturday, May 13, 2017


Writing is considered a solitary act...and it a degree. There is one person making marks on a page, either via pen to paper of fingers to keyboard. This doesn't seem to capture the essence, however, of inspiration.

Guidance in writing is an active sort of thing. It entails listening ~ to the "random word" of inspiration, a companion to art. Action begets action, as well, and that often comes from outside sources. Those sources can be natural, physical, or human. A sunset...a smell that throws us back in time...a passing phrase of a stranger.

And then there is engagement. Creative collaboration of a group of like minded people. One who can see the next step clearly when you're stymied. One whose talent's enhance your own. One who can keep you accountable.

We've had a rare week here at Firefly Creek. Like-minded and ready to embrace our callings, there have been daily writings, discussions, readings, and assignments between me, my siblings, and my brother in law.

This is how life should be. Dinners should be bacchanal events. Dusks should be spent on the deck by torchlight, listening to readings of Byron. Days should be spent on devotionals to connect us to the life force we celebrate in word.

Phrases and observations emerge ~ "Early May honeysuckle, one of the greatest gifts of creation..."

"He doesn't sound like the most noble of people."
"What's that got to do with it?"

Tasks emerge ~ "Set up your own webpage ~ record this reading professionally with R playing the background music..."

Ideas emerge ~ "Why not this layout? Take your story this direction."

Questions emerge ~ "Do you have a vision for the end, or is it a revelatory process?"

Oh, it's a process...and it's enhanced by collaboration.

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  1. what a lovely and meaningful way to spend with family. Would have loved being a fly on the wall... or a firefly flitting about amongst you sweet people.