Sunday, March 5, 2017

Who I am instead

My sister sent me this quote last night, sharing in her frustration over it. Sometimes security is absolutely worth it ~ like caring for a loved one through illness or in their twilight years; or, making sure your children have a life that will grow them into thriving adulthood. There is something about security that brings its own satisfaction.

I would also argue that dreams aren't so easily murdered. I think everyone has an alternate persona apart from their everyday life, apart from what they do. Ask anyone "who are you instead?" and you'll likely get an answer that sounds something like the idea of these dreams.

The key is to live in keeping with your desires as far as possible anyway. Weave your dreams into your secure life. These are not mutually exclusive things.

I am a park ranger ~ that is what I do. I am a writer and an artist and a traveler ~ that is who I am. While I was caring for my father, part of what got me through was styling myself as Emily Dickinson, L.M. Montgomery, or Charlotte Bronte, secluded in my home, writing, caring for my father and the land, and finding beauty where I could.

Do you have a dream in the midst of your everyday life? Take an online class, take a picture, watch a how-to. Buy a notebook and a fresh pen, buy a sketching pad and some pastel pencils. Step out in the direction of your dreams, and I think you'll be surprised at how resilient they are.


  1. Oh you spoke to my heart with this one, girl!


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